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Originally Posted by Troutman View Post
low water levels mean stealthy wading, longer than normal cast and I generally go down to 3x tippet with a 10-11ft leader. I also downsize the flies. most of my topwaters are a size 4 or 6 hook . If they are spooked by those I go down to a size 8 bluegill size poppers or stealths.
Fish the shade. look for places where you can cast above overhangs and let it drift into the darkest shadiest overhangs in slow water. fish the slow water below riffles and any bubble lines. low water also means less pops and commotion and more let it drift. they will follow and inspect it, patience is recommended. use your rod tip to impart any action. no big noisy presentations in low water.
Yellow, green, and black are the best colors for topwater. black and white wooly buggers are good for minnow and heggie imitations. hopper and cicada imitations work well also. I like dark colors early and late, bright colors during bright conditions. fish the water that your wading through. small bass tend to cruise very shallow water looking for stray minnows to chase. go early ( sunrise) or late evening for best results. you dont need a lot of flies, just a good assortment in a med size box or hanging on a lanyard. small stream wading for bass and bream is a lot of fun. I think of it akin to brook trout fishing on a high elev. stream. Its non technical fishing for aggressive fish. enjoy the redbreast, bluegill and french bass also.
Hope this helps you.
Awesome information right there...Strong post of knowledge!
Stealth and down sizing is key on our small streams in North AL.
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