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Fishing is on fire right now. Been that way for the past few weeks. They are hitting just about anything you throw at them. They have been gorging on sulfur crawlers/clingers and midges. My underwater videos show that the fish are clinging close to the bottom with a few breaking away for emergers. Once you find a feeding lie; it is all about lining them up and knocking them out. Also, most of the slot fish I have been catching are thick and meaty. Congrats to your buddy on the 22.5" fish. That is a good catch and pretty rare on the Clinch for casual fishermen.

I have been amazed at how well the dry and emergent fly action has been...I am loving it.

This pattern is killing them. Just find the rise and throw. DvjVQa1PpcFOkgXF_k-FAeMehonEkqZ_dSzDnFBOt6tA%3D
*Note:I have been tying with silver wire/black thread and not using any dubbing.
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