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Originally Posted by Waterborn View Post
Have ya ever thought about aiming a web cam in the general direction

I'm only 10 minutes away, was down there just before all the rain hit and it was fishing good - smallies and redyes. Caddis were coming off and pretty sure they were rising to them, though all I had were streamers on me. Can't wait for the golden bones to start tailing.
I was even pleasantly surprised by a visit from a TWRA officer. According to him, he's making it his own personal mission to patrol the lower lil' pig more often. Reminiscing the good ol days of the giant bronzebacks, he was.
Hey Gary, have we near the redhorse's yet? I'd like to get one this year...
Jeremy, I decided to take advantage of the good flow schedule on the FB today and took the canoe out. The caddis were coming off all day. I wish I had taken some grey stimulators or elk hairs with me. This morning the shad were all over them.
I caught a few stripe, some redeyes, lots of smallmouth, a couple of very unexpected rainbow trout, (must have washed down from the LP), but the catch of the day was a nice size catfish!. Caught everything on pearl sparkleminnows.
Lynn, I had called my dad to see if he wanted to go crappie fishing on douglas, but he just had cataract surgery on both eyes and didnt feel like being out in the sun all day. I would love to catch a mess of fresh crappie to eat.
Happy to hear the Lil pig. is finally being patroled by TWRA. There has been a lot of poaching of undersize smallmouth there over the past several years.

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