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Originally Posted by fourx View Post
You know, I've been working really hard and have been catching a decent amount of quality trout down at 61 bridge this spring. Tough fish in technical water.
So, today I headed down there only to find it blown out and muddy.
We decided to go to the upper river for the first time this spring.
Why didn't y'all tell me about what's goin on up there!
Talk about easy fishing!
A guy I was with caught a 22.5" brown and we landed a ton of slot fish. So easy, just cast and watch your indicator.
I've just been workin too hard. Now I'm on easy street.

A little bird told me that the river down low was the best it has been in several years today. I wasn't there but my source is reliable and sometimes what looks to muddy to us is perfect for destroying the fish.
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