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very cool! Thats my favorite type of streams to fish, mid size and wadable. dont need a boat and dont have to put up with jet boats running around you like I had this past weekend .
Go to Kent's website for more on the stealth bomber. he is the originator and will be tying them again at troutfest if you make it up this year. I've been fishing them for several years now, and they along with foam blockheads are my favorite topwater flies. I tie so many now that I bought the cutters to make them to perfect proportions. I bought some crazy colored foam sheets last week and tied some with a green camo and a brown trout spot pattern also just for something different.
My PB smallmouth came on a chart green stealth a couple of years ago at 21" right at dark. looking forward to the smallies to start hitting topwater here. I fished this morning from sunrise till 10am and caught about 10-12 all on clousers.

I retie about every 3rd fish or after everything over 16" now also. have lost some nice fish over the years from forgetting to do that.
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