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Originally Posted by Knothead View Post
Tremont crowded? I have fished it a number of times and only seen one or two other anglers. Fished during the week and weekends- same same.
Was going to visit Sam in the headwaters above Tremont bright and early on Monday 4/2. As I pulled up there were 2 guys getting out of a white pickup that looked very concerned that they might have company.

I let them have a couple minutes head start and as I started hiking up from the gravel parking lot a third vehicle, a green pickup arrived as well.

I just about caught up with the 2 anglers after the 2nd bridge (metal with cables; when did that tree fall on it?)

Seeing footprints on rocks and possibly having someone else behind me isn't part of the Sam's experience for me, so I stopped there and fished the middle prong back down to the parking lot, and had it all to myself. I fished for about four hours, had a lot of hits and a landed handful - a lot of fun with the feisty little rainbows pounding a Thunderhead dry.

As I drove back down there were several "wide load" semis with huge concrete blocks of some sort - what's going on at the Institute? As I got to the intersection with Laurel Creek Rd, the gate was closed but thankfully not locked (I was already in trouble for leaving the wife and kids at the cabin too long).

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