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Originally Posted by ifish4wildtrout View Post
I am thinking about going to #24 Tuesday 4/10/12, staying Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Anyone else going to be up there? I know it's notorious for bear activity and not really wanting to go solo and may not go if I can't find a partner, not sure yet.
I'm responsible for getting it closed late November; we had a youngin' come right up to our fire ring. We scared him off and he was back and too close and comfortable near us half an hour later. Hiked out a day early and reported young Yogi to the rangers.

I'll be down again this weekend, so I will miss the chance to join you unfortunately. I'm considering 21 instead of 24 as tnflyfisher and I had a lot of fun between husky branch falls and the big bridge.

Then again, I haven't been to Deep Creek in a long time, did you fish that recently @ 60 and how did you do?

Anyone fishing this weekend and want to join me? My father in law will be with me as well..
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