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Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
I consider the roadside portion of MPLR to be the hardest of any to fish on the TN side of the park. I contribute it to the quantity of fishermen it consistently sees on a daily basis. Dare I say, but I feel more hate for this section of water than love. I routinely drive right past it to fish other small streams in the area, and if I am really looking for some fantastic fishing I expect to put in at least 6 miles roundtrip hiking.

That being said, the headwaters above the parking area are some fantastic streams.

I have found that just a little bit of leg time, even 1/2 mile, will increase your fishing success.

Wow Travis...I've had the best luck there. Got my biggest one on in the park and my biggest to hand so far on that stretch. I tie my own flies so they may be seeing something they don't see too often, hence my good luck...maybe I've just hit it at the right times. I love that stretch though. Funny how people have differenct views on places in the park.
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