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If any of you are owners of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers you know that if there is a puddle of water on the ground, the dog is swimming.

I took the crew up to Fires Creek a tributary of the Hiwasee on the NC side. The stream was a lot smaller and the Chessie thought it was for swimming and not fishing. I caught a couple of small bows but fish are surprisingly spooked by 80 pound Brown Dog buttocks.

I decided to travel to the Nantahala and try the DH Section on Wayah Road. The water was great and roadside all of the area that I fished. There were no shortage of fishermen and bent lines as the word was out that the bite was on. I fished for a good hour and finally got a Nymph bite on a Prince. I was able to pick up some good fish and brought 8 to hand before my time was up.

****No trout were harmed during the making of this posting ****

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