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Originally Posted by GrouseMan77 View Post
One man's trash is another man's treasure....I hate that road side section. Glad you like it BRF. I have set out to fish it a handful of times and have done ok. Agree with Travis on the got to pay to play.

There are some good spots with undercut banks along that road. Lots of deep holes too. I don't see it as a walking issue. I think it depends on if you are after size or not. I know there are large fish up high as well. I'm not so certain that there are as many. I think if a person is out to catch a lot of fish that walking to less travelled runs is a good idea. At this point I am after larger fish. I've gotten into one or two on my last couple of trips. Now I just need to get them to hand. I do want to get into some less travelled areas this trip. With nine days in the mountains, I should have time to do both. My last trip up, I caught about 6 fish in 4 hours along that road. Having said that, I understand it's not for everyone. I just found it interesting the different views on it.
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