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Originally Posted by BlueRaiderFan View Post
There are some good spots with undercut banks along that road. Lots of deep holes too. I don't see it as a walking issue. I think it depends on if you are after size or not. I know there are large fish up high as well. I'm not so certain that there are as many. I think if a person is out to catch a lot of fish that walking to less travelled runs is a good idea. At this point I am after larger fish. I've gotten into one or two on my last couple of trips. Now I just need to get them to hand. I do want to get into some less travelled areas this trip. With nine days in the mountains, I should have time to do both. My last trip up, I caught about 6 fish in 4 hours along that road. Having said that, I understand it's not for everyone. I just found it interesting the different views on it.
The fish, large or small, don't know/care where the roads are....

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