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I've seen them in the 22" range and had them on in the 20" range. Big water generally means bigger fish in my experience. My average on the MP is around 11". Having said all of this, there may be some pro's on here that know better. I don't know that much compared to a guide. It's just from my observation over the past few years. I've seen others pull large fish from that area as well. I do believe that the occasional large fish can be found up high, I just think that a person stands a better chance of catching one on the EP, MP or WP down where the water is bigger. Anyway, I have a lot more of the park to fish before I can form a solid opinion. I just happen to like that stretch myself, at least so far...I may change my mind over time. The one thing I don't like about it is I usually see at least 3-4 other anglers when I go. Not a lot but a lot when you consider you can fish higher up or on the lower end of a head water and aren't likely to see any. I've fished Jakes Creek right by the campground and caught 12" fish and not seen anyone for hours...though that would be a large fish on that stretch, in my experience. The few small streams I've fished in the park my average is around 8-9". It goes up by 2-3" down if I can just land one of those larger fish...I have a chance thanks to David's advice on tippet. He had told me before but I had forgotten. Sorry for the rant.
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