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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
Awesome picture, and where is Bfish when you need him to tell us this isn't possible.

Or for that matter, TWRA and their infinite wisdom of coldwater fisheries.
My understanding of the TWRA's stance is that the trout do spawn and reproduce on the Clinch. However; the depletion rate is more than the reproduction rate due to various factors. If it were not stocked; it would be a finicky river to fish.

Here is a video I shot Monday. It illustrates the three zones of the water column if you watch closely. Also; you will notice many of the females swollen with eggs. DvjVQa1PpcFOkgXF_k-FAeHqlCVGh3Le5Nhn5GRc5RAM%3D

Originally Posted by Knothead View Post
Sounds like his shoe size is bigger than his IQ.
I don't think he was aware of it at the moment.
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