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Originally Posted by Troutman View Post
Great post! I enjoy reading about others trips for the warm water species because its my favorite type of fishing also. I just bought a TFO BVK also. The 9ft 6wt with the full wells grip and fighting butt. LOVE it! I'm even thinking about selling off some rods to get the 8ft 3wt BVK just for bream.
I've been fishing some of those caddis hatches here also. The rockbass and little smallies rise like trout to those hatches here in the evenings. grey stimis have been working and also some tan or grey neversinks
I am enjoying the BVK so far. I want to take it to a lake this weekend and see how far I can throw it.

Thanks for the caddis tips, I will have some in my box the next time!
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