I'm not much on rods less than 6'9" in length---I have a 6'9" orvis bought on E-bay---was in bad shape---no tube no sock---but it casts real good--i cleaned it up---ferrules are tight--it is a caramel color--if the rod could talk I'm sure it would say thanks--Darrell came into the store today with a rod he ordered from a rodmaker out west--the rodmaker is well known--the rod was a 5'5" cane rod called a "Brookie"---this was the 1st cane rod I have seen and had in hand that was a turn-off.It was so short that it felt stiff-even clubby--the grip was about 4" long, making it just right for a New Zealand pigme---casting the rod was even worse for me---granted Darrell could cast it with relative ease and accuracy--but I just could'nt get into the sawed off feel of it---for some reason I was master of tailing loops with it---I think it is being marketed as a GSMNP fishermans dream---just right for brook trout streams---would be interested in" your'alls" opinion of rod lengths relative to GSMNP