I had alittle time to kill yesterday so I stopped by the fly shop to pick up a few flies that I was running low on and it being so beautiful desided I would give the middle prong a shot. The water was high and cold and being the hardheaded young fellar I am I wasn't to worried about it. I trudged on in and started fishing. I managed 1 3 inch bow. The longer I stayed in the water the harder it was to stand and I had waded to the far side to fish a hole that I just couldn't resist. That's where the little bow came from but when I started back across I actually became nervous. I'm a fairly strong fella but the problem was I couldn't find a good foot hold with my feet being so numb it took some time to cross but I managed without taking a drink. No more cold, high water wading for me. It's just not worth it. BTW, I only had on 1 pair of cotton socks on because I forgot my big thick wool socks at home.