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Thread: shower facilities for park campers?

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    Default shower facilities for park campers?

    Hello all,

    I love to camp inside the park on my fishing trips (Elkmont is my favorite spot). But I hate the fact that there are no shower facilities. Does anyone know of any nearby locations where I can take a shower?

    Iíve searched the web and Iíve found a three suggestions. However, Iíd like to find something closer to Elkmont/Townsend. (I hate to fight the Gatlinburg traffic.) Iíll list the suggestions here in case anyone is interested -- be aware that I havenít confirmed any of this info:

    * $2 Gatlinburg Community Center (Off of 321 halfway between Gatlinburg and Greenbriar.) Donít ask for a shower -- tell them that you want to use the indoor pool and youíll get locker room access.

    * $5 Adventure Bound Camping Resorts (Off of 321 halfway between Gatlinburg and Cosby)

    * $5 Alpine Hide Away in Pigeon Forge (Off of 321/441 halfway between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge)

    * I also found a vague references to a place right outside of the Cosby campground and another reference to a place in Wears Valley.

    An obvious solution would be to stay at a campground outside the park. Iíve tried the KOA in Townsend and I was disappointed. I have to give them credit for being very clean and very well organized. However, they are also very crowded. They also have too many amenities for my taste -- it didnít quite feel like camping. (Yes, I know. I want to have my cake and eat it too. But, isnít that what vacations are all about?)

    Does anyone know of a shower facility close to Elkmont/Townsend? Can anyone comment on the three shower suggestions above? Any suggestions for campgrounds outside of the park with a little more solitude?

    Thanks for your help and good fishing!

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    I may be way off here, but I've stayed in a couple campgrounds in Townsenda along the Little River with my family, and it seems like I remember them letting people come in and shower for a fee. You could swing by the offices of some of those campgrounds and ask if they'll let you use their showers or not. I'd say you can find atleast one who will ask for two dollars and let you on your way.
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    The last time I needed a shower in the Townsend area I was pointed to the campground by the bridge crossing into Wears Valley....a lot of campgrounds have insurance issues and have been told to stop the practice.

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    Treemont Hills...Last campground on the left before you enter the park from townsend...I think it's about $20 a night for an RV.

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