Hello all,

I love to camp inside the park on my fishing trips (Elkmont is my favorite spot). But I hate the fact that there are no shower facilities. Does anyone know of any nearby locations where I can take a shower?

Iíve searched the web and Iíve found a three suggestions. However, Iíd like to find something closer to Elkmont/Townsend. (I hate to fight the Gatlinburg traffic.) Iíll list the suggestions here in case anyone is interested -- be aware that I havenít confirmed any of this info:

* $2 Gatlinburg Community Center (Off of 321 halfway between Gatlinburg and Greenbriar.) Donít ask for a shower -- tell them that you want to use the indoor pool and youíll get locker room access.

* $5 Adventure Bound Camping Resorts (Off of 321 halfway between Gatlinburg and Cosby)

* $5 Alpine Hide Away in Pigeon Forge (Off of 321/441 halfway between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge)

* I also found a vague references to a place right outside of the Cosby campground and another reference to a place in Wears Valley.

An obvious solution would be to stay at a campground outside the park. Iíve tried the KOA in Townsend and I was disappointed. I have to give them credit for being very clean and very well organized. However, they are also very crowded. They also have too many amenities for my taste -- it didnít quite feel like camping. (Yes, I know. I want to have my cake and eat it too. But, isnít that what vacations are all about?)

Does anyone know of a shower facility close to Elkmont/Townsend? Can anyone comment on the three shower suggestions above? Any suggestions for campgrounds outside of the park with a little more solitude?

Thanks for your help and good fishing!