Well, PeteCz, Steve (Pete's B-I-L) and I went up to Little Bottoms today as advertised. Nice little walk of 2.9 miles in so that we could skip all the spots on lower Abrams where the fishing was slow. No rain until we geared up at Campground 17 to start fishing. (BTW, Campground 17 had been closed for bear activity until today, making this an even more attractive destination.) From the beginning, we were seeing Quill Gordons all over - in the beginning, tiny ones (~#20) but around 2:00 they really came out and I saw a couple that were at least #12. The area and water were really pretty, water temp was 48-49 degrees and the rain was steady but never really poured.

We're pretty sure that Pete may have caught the state record sucker but I was too far upstream to be able to get back to take a picture of it. Except for the sucker, nymphs were pretty much a bust and we started trying dries (QG and PA) in the last hour or so - actually started getting some nibbles at that point. In the end, we got a year's supply of dinks but no trout. Pete didn't mention until later that he's been up there four times now and still hasn't caught a trout. Guess he wanted some witnesses. Stopped raining on the way back out (oddly enough, another 2.9 miles) until we stopped and took off our rain jackets - started up again after we got back on the trail.

Lots of good casting practice, a great time on the stream and a heck of a lot of fun for three guys. A nearly perfect day except for the no fish part. Can't wait till next weekend.