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Thread: Cumberland Conditions

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    wolf creek has dropped to 3 units, still 7 feet above the target pool level and dropping about 1/3 foot this rate they will still be generating heavy at the time of my planned trip looks like we are now headed to soho/watauga

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    You might want to plan another trip and go to Cumberland River. The lake is down and the generators are off several hours each day. I think it is just about perfect.

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    I noticed that they are down to one generator and at times completely off. Let's hope this continues.
    aka Scott Hall

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    the cumberland is fishing good some days and not so good others ,this past weekend saw a large caddis hatch in some runs and none in others . very little dry fly action no wadeable water. must fish from a boat. they are runing about 2500 cfs now with 3 hours off miday and midnite.

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