I started the day by realizing I lost my drivers license. I ALWAYS put it in a zippered pocket when I fish. Almost always. Spent half the day looking for it and finally gave up.

Started fishing above Tremont about 1:30. The wind kept getting worse and worse. I have never had a fly blow around like today. I got my 6 wt rod out and kept trying. Finally caught a rainbow on the fly, missed a couple more. Switched to nymphs, obviously I still haven't mastered THAT, caught zero.

Decided to try the creek by the road to Cades Cove, that is Laurel, isn't it? I fished it very little last year because it was so terribly low most of the time. Plenty of water now. I had tried a lot of different flies and nymphs when I remembered I had the Yellow Thingeys that Don Winn tied for me. Put on the yellow foam one and caught 2 rainbow! One was nice enough to make me smile.

Don, the foam yellow thingey saved the day! After losing another fish, I hung it in a tree and broke it off. I managed to knock it loose and grab it before it floated away. Not only are the thingeys effective but they have a boomarang quality! Maybe you should think PATENT.