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Thread: vest or pack

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    Default vest or pack

    what are you all wearing out there vests or packs. I need to get one when i get down there . the vests are cheaper, is the extra expense of the packs worth it? also reccomendations would be appreciated

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    I use a vest when I'm fishing most of the time. Mainly because that's what someone bought for me. I love it, it has a lot of space and carries everything I need. However, when I fish the park more this summer, I plan on either just carrying some sort of fanny-pack or a backpack in case I want to bring along lunch or some special equipment (extra shoes, rain jacket, that sort of thing). I like to keep it light when I'm hiking up and down streams. Tippet, extra leader, frogs fanny, nippers, box of nymphs, box of dries, water, and a can of dip and I'm good to go for mountain day trip.

    The packs may be a little cooler (as in temperature, and perhaps in appearance too, its subjective), but besides many more advantages, I'm not really sure. They both provide ample storage and make fishing easier than just having everything thrown around and mixed together. A lanyard isn't a bad way to go either, especially for mountains or pond fishing. Stick a box of flies in your pocket, and on your lanyard, keep tippet, hemostats, nippers, and some flotant, and you're good to go for small adventures.
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    for me, it's the never ending question: vest of pack. I go back and forth between the two.

    generally, if I'm going to be changing flies alot, or tying on different rigs, I'll go with the vest. it's easier access. other than that, they both hold about the same amt.

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    Recently used a pack that I purchased late last year for the first time. Loved it. I have an Orvis Safe Passage. Was able to do all the things that I could with a vest. Surprised me that I was as comfortable as I was. I wasn't sure at first. Having said that, I wish the back pack portion could be removed via snap buckles some how so when just doing a short trip I could take that part off and leave it behind. Then longer hikes, put it on to carry whatever extras I would want. Guess if and when I get another , that is a feature I would like to see. Not sure anyone makes them like that. I got an Orvis because I got an extra discount so it is not to say a fish pond or other brand wouldn't be just as good or better. But in the end, it'll come down to personnal preference. I think I am putting the vest away in the closet to stay.

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    i use the vest in has more room for all the little extras i also gives a little insulation on those cold the spring,summer and fall i carry my chest has pleanty of room minus all those little extras and it is has a small pack on the back that i can carry lunch or a rain vest.i did not buy one of those exspensive ones.this one cost about 50 bucks and i love it.

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    Default Vest or pack or...

    Vest? Pack? How about a flybox that fits in your shirt pocket, an extra spool of tippet and forceps in the other, and off you go?

    I've always been a minimalist. Give me several dozen of my favorite flies, and a sunny day, waders that don't leak and I'm a happy man. Oh, and now that I'm pushing the half century mark it seems that glasses are a necessity.

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    I use a jw chest pack that is now a hip pack....but over the years I'm beginning to realize it may be to big for me - fly fisherman are gadget happy breed and carry way more than really needed (at least thats me) I find my self using less and less of what I carry.
    By nature, I'm a big time rather have it an not need it than need it and not have it, but the more I fish the park, the more I realize you can fit just about everything (a spool of tippet,single flybox, a leader pack of 3, some tippet and wieght - of which can all fit in the right compartmented fly box...etc) in a fishing shirt (camo of course) not really on belt along with a water filter bottle, and staff in hand if on abrams... course I'm still working on the ultimate carring configuration, but I'm thinking minimalist approach is really the most comfortable in the long run...
    Anything extended or away from a main road I'll throw on a back pack with essentials for the "what ifs"...
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    Default Neither...

    I'm with adirondack, I go for the minimalist approach (when I get the chance). If I'm fishing less than a mile from the car, I will pin a few of my essential tolls to my shirt or jacket, slip one or two small flyboxes and some tippet spools into my pockets and hit the water.

    If I have to hike further, I have a cheap backpack ($19 Target special) that I use (abuse) that I won't feel bad about pitching in the trash if it gets too mangled.

    I would love to have a fishpond backpack, but I'm just too rough on my gear to spend that kind of money...

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    I'm with Adirondack. I like having a lot of gear ready to go, but most of it stays with the truck. I carry a magazine pouch that I can clip to my belt. It has one box of flies, an extra leader, and the stream thermometer in it. Attached to the outside by two retractable lanyards are are a leatheman and a folding box cutter. Wrapped around the bottom is a stringer, that is rarely, but recently used. I put my floatant and tippet spool in my left front pocket, sunglasses on my head, liscence, I.D., and truck key in a closed chest pocket. If it is a warm day, or I am going to be gone from the truck for a little while I throw a full camelback on with a warming layer strapped to the outside and I am ready to make like a horse turd and hit the trail.
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    I hate vests. I wear something like a lanyard around my neck that was made for flyfishing. It holds all my essentials on it and just throw a fly box in my pocket. I actually bought a small chest pack this winter that I might try using mainly to carry a camera and my wallet. On all day trips, I have a small backpack that I carry a lunch and some drinks in. Vests are just way too hot to wear in the summer.
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