Hello, I am a new member and this is my first post. I realize it is not yet the prime time for fishing in the park, but I hadn't been since summer. I was lucky enough to spend the entire day fishing in the park today, but with no luck. I had hoped that the warmer water would help me out, but no luck. I started at the Y, then fished up and down Tremont/Middle Prong, and spent the last remaining hour of daylight at Metcalf. I tried using the combo of both suggested nymphs and drys from LRO, but I did not get one single bite the ENTIRE day. I saw plenty of flies coming off the water, but not a single rise from a trout. I spent time just watching the streams for fish and only saw 2 in Tremont. I enjoy getting to spend the day in the park and even with no fish caught is better than a day at work or class, but the last couple of times I have been, I have not caught anything. It's strange because the first time I fly fished the park was 2 summers ago and I caught 3 fish (2 bows, 1 brook) and I had no idea what I was doing. Now, after having been quite a bit with better quality gear and knowledge, it has slowly gotten worse. I have a couple questions that I hope I could get some feedback from you all.
-Does time of day matter when fishing?
-Does the color of the fly line make a difference? Ex. Green vs. Yellow
-Should I only cast upstream?
-Are wide open pools the wrong place to fish?
-Do I really need to hide behind rocks so the fish don't see me?
-Am I doomed this time of year if I only use dry flies (I have tried using nymphs and I do not like it at all, even though they can reach fish on the bottom I have a better cast and feel with dry flies)
I did try using nymphs in deeper spots today, but they were just as useless as trying to get a fish to rise for a fly today. I might be forgetting something, but this is all for now. Thanks for all your help in advance and any advice is much appreciated. Thanks again.