Thanks for all the tips and advice. I guess next time I need to try and be more sneaky. I noticed most of you said I should try higher elevations, smaller streams, or places I need to hike to etc. I have hiked to campsite 18 on the WP of LR, but this was last summer during the drought and I figured it was way to small to fish with a 9 foot fly rod. I have hiked abrams trail, but I only fished the creek that was right beside the trail; not the horseshoe. I heard that the Middle Prong trail is a great place to hike and fish, but yestarday I hiked a little bit and saw that the trail was very high up from reaching any river access; maybe I hadn't hike far enough yet. With that said, do you all have any other places in mind I might be able to hike to fish in the park? Also, does anyone know where the guides take the fly fishing beginner school to fish- easier fish?? Thanks again for all of your help, it is much appreciated. Can't wait to get back out there!