I have a good friend of mine who I am trying to convince to start fly fishing with me. He is a avid spinner fisherman , which is perfectly fine with me. I do give him a hard time sometimes by telling him how much he would enjoy fly fishing over the spinning method. He says he just doesn't like the "yuppie" attitude of the fly fisherman he has encountered. He believes when he goes into some of the fly shops with me that the people there talk down too him. I got to thinking about this and was wondering, am I a so called "yuppie". Although I think its crazy that there are $700 waders and $800 reels, I don't mind dropping good money for quality products. I have over $500 invested in my rood and reel together and absolutely love them. They are guaranteed for life, so why not spend a little extra. He thinks spending this money is crazy. Well anyways I just thought this was a funny subject and want to see what other fellow fly fisherman thought?