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Thread: "Yuppie Fly Fisherman"

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    On the other hand, I've met several very kind, honest, generous, hard- working people that just happen to be $loaded$ and fish with very expensive fly rods.

    And....I've also been in at least a couple of locally owned fly shops here in (where I live) where I was treated more like a nuisance rather than someone who might want to trade cash for goods.

    There seems to be a stereotype that people who are "wealthy" have obviously found their money by way of cheating or stealing and therefore don't deserve anything they worked for.......or at the very least, consider themselves better than everyone else.

    I'm not crying sympathy for the financially-responsible, I'm just saying money isn't required before one can act like a complete and total !&%$@#$%! rrainshaker at comcast dot netrainshaker at comcast dot net

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    Default Hmmmmmm

    Whenever a tackle fisherman starts to look at me like I'm an elitist with my fly rod, I just scratch, spit, put one finger by my nose and blow and then wipe it on my shirtsleeve. That'll change their attitude.
    To Miss Nancy - she hated fishing, but loved a fisherman.

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    I love to FF as much as anyone but most times I'm on a stream, river, lake, or a pond with my 4 weight I'll also be working on a big chew of tobacco! (The old "twist" stuff Granddaddy used to chew, Mammoth Cave) Now if that's yuppy, I'll eat my hat!

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    lol I've usually got a fat pinch of mint skoal but occasionally I'll take a plug of Levi Garrett
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    Well, I had to respond to this post. I am a son of a mill hunk born on the wrong side of the tracks in a mill town in Pa. I was born in a row house and we shared walls with the neighbors. I learned to fish with worms and corn and used to fish in the old days when the turds used to float from the treatment plant into the good old Susquehanna. I am 55 years old.

    Flash forward to now. I started fly fishing because it was the way to fish in the Smokies which I do whenever I visit. I like wearing Simms waders and I have a pair of Simms wading boots. My favorite trout setup is my Scott 3wt. E2 I believe with a Ross Evolution reel with a 70$ Rio flyline. I have a wood landing net attached to a magnetic zinger on my back. I use a Filson strap vest. If you saw me on the stream, I suppose a lot of people would pre-judge me as a "Yuppie" fly fisherman. The reality is I don't want to climb the learning curve and I can afford it. I personally resent people from both ends of the spectrum, that being people who buy the gear to be an elitist and the people who would never buy the gear because they are elitists on the other end. Just have confidence in who you are and judge people by their character.

    John B

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    Good comments 18"Brown. Way to much judging of people by appearances in this world. I have to dress for my workplace, trousers and dress shirt, sometimes a tie. Does that make me a yuppy? I think not, just uncomfortable at times. I wore a dress uniform sometimes while in the military. I was still the same person when wearing fatigues.
    No matter the choice of clothing or fishing equipment, we are just fishermen enjoying it while were still physically able and if you want the best performing gear and can afford it, them by all means get it. I've run into a few stores over the years where the employees would make you feel unappreciated. I don't think any of the "flyshops" around here are like that. If they were, I wouldn't support their business.

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