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Thread: Fishing a double

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    Default Fishing a double

    What is the best way to tie a double? I have been tying my dropper to the hook of a dry. I have read about some tying on in front of a dry or using a long tag end to tie a dropper. Which is the preferred or is there another way to tie two flies together?

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    I've tried a number of different ways, but if possible I still prefer to tie a dropper to the bend of the hook on a dry. The only other way I've used that I kind of like is to tie a loop of heavier mono into the body of a foam beetle and tie the dropper to that with a piece of tippet.

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    I think, in the past, the consensus of this board has been to drop a nymph of the bend of a dry.

    Of course the other alternative would be to drop a lighter nymph off the bend of a heavier nymph.

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