Just when I thought I had seen it all,I watched Herzog's Documentary film --Grizzley Man---the story of T. Treadwell and grizzley bears in Alaska--Treadwell along with his girlfriend were eventually attacked,killed and eaten by a grizzley bear--T.T. tries his best to humanize the bears--could not decide if he wanted to be a bear or the bears to be like him--anyway 'the point is, no matter how much he tries to intellectualize the grizzley bear, the dull eyes of the beast shows through--which is the lesson to be learned from "Grizzley Man" and that lesson appplies to the black bears of GSMNP-don't trust them-they are not cartoon characters--if a bear approaches you with its head down and begins to circle you quietly,get ready--I know there is a 1 in a million chance of this happening,but remember bears are canine,most people are careful around strange dogs especially if they are one of the larger breeds--bears should be treated with the same care.