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Thread: Targeting Larger Fish with Salamander Patterns

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    Default Targeting Larger Fish with Salamander Patterns

    During my Vertebrate biology class last week, we discussed amphibians. A large portion of the lecture was devoted to salamander diversity within the Appalachian Mountains. Apparently, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the "Salamander Capital of the World". In fact, there are five different families of salamanders that reside in the park: Cryptobranchidae, Proteidae, Salamandridae, Ambystomatidae, and Plethodontidae.

    This discussion sparked my interest, because I was immediately reminded of the times that I had fished with live salamanders in the pond behind my house as a child. I can remember catching salamanders in the creeks, and then watching big largemouth bass go crazy over them. Those salamanders were like magical fish magnets. (Unfortunately, I could only find them readily during the spring.)

    After class I started thinking that big browns might also feed readily on salamanders. After all, salamanders are amphibians, so they spend the early portion of their lives in water. Given the great diversity of salamander life within the park, it might be worth the effort to develop some salamander patterns for future experimentation.

    What do you all think?


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    Default spring lizards

    I've fished salamanders, "spring lizards", in Chilhowee and the smallmouth just fight over them. However I've never caught a trout on them. We are targeting bass when we fish them.
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    Default buggers

    Maybe that's why my big ole black wooly bugger is so effective. I have to confess, if I can't catch a fish on anything else, swinging a wooly bugger through a pool more often than not gets some action.

    Oh, wait.... I forgot. I'm a dry fly guy...
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    When I have inspected the stomach contents of some of the larger trout I have caught I have never found the remainds of a "mud puppy"....however, I have found the remains of some rather large crayfish....this idea of yours might carry over with some of the crayfish imitations I have seen that are generally targeted for small and largemouth bass.....would be worth a try.

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    I have heard from some "old timers" who say that is what you need to use to catch the large browns and claim to have caught those monster fish with this pattern. It has sparked my interest before as well, we all know they didn't get that big from eating mayflies!


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    craig, which pattern, crayfish or salamander?

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