Hello, was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with forney creek? As backpacking season gears up (first trips is in about a month to deep creek!), i am looking forward to a may trip to forney at campsite 70. Unfortunately, i have never been there and don't really know what to expect other than what i have read out of books. Information on this creek is hard to come by, especially the part of the river we are staying at, due to the long hike required. Also, i remember reading somewhere that the upper part of this wathershed was one of the few in the park that was spared from the logging, has anyone been up there? This makes me believe that it would make for a prime brook trout trip in the summer and one that my camping partner and i have talked about going on. Thanks for the help and hopefully someone has been up there. I will definitely post a report on this trip and all others when i return.