I hit a couple places in the park today and got royally skunked. I went up by the institute at treemont and a couple spots between there and the main highway. I turned up the road toward Cades Coved and fished the West Prong of the little river i a few spots and didn't see a single fish or anything that resembled a strike.

The water was cold.

The highlight of my day was stopping in LRO, buying a fishing license and chatting with Paula for a few minutes. I bought a few flies and doo-dads and hit the water. I think I should have stayed in LRO and bothered Paula and Byron a little more.

I still have Thursday and Friday to fish and the weather will be warmer and hopefully the water will be warmer too.

One thing, after last summe, it sure was good to see the streams flowing strong.

Wish I had photos of a trophy trout to post, but I gotta be honest.