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Thread: Fishing Report for 3/27

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    Default Fishing Report for 3/27

    I fished the West Prong of the Little River yesterday. It was a great day although a bit windy. I fished a both a parachute adams and parachute blue quill along with a dropper. Caught more fish on the dropper but still had a number of rises on the dry. Probably somewhere between 20-25 although many of them quite small. However, I did catch a few that were borderline keeper size. All in all a fun day and I think the trout are itching to get active just like I was itching to go fishing!

    Went over the middle prong about 5:30 but no luck fishing the lower section. Guessing that with the sun behind the mountain, the trout went back down. Best fishing was the heat of the day with sun right on the water. I caught most of them at the front section of long, deep runs. Is this what most everyone else is experiencing?

    Stream thermomater said 52 degrees in the lower reaches of the West Prong and right at 50 on the middle prong.

    Good luck this weekend to anyone going. Water temps should be perfect.

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