Took a couple folks out fishing today, and being it was a half day trip figured I'd fish the afternoon myself. I stopped at a hole on the little river ( a hole i know many of you have probably fished) where i kow there's usually some pretty good bug activity. I could see before I even got to the water that the flies were everywhere. But lets skip to the great part. At the head of the pool in the faster water I saw 4, yes count them, 4, of the biggest borwns I have ever seen in the park. All were over 20 inches, the biggest being close to 24. They all were very close to one another, maybe about a 5 foot stretchof stream and all on one side of the riffle. The didn't eat like the little ones do. They would porpous, with their entire back coming out of the water( hence how i got a good look at their leangth). Anyway, I had one on and lost him, and missed twice more. I did however get some decent fish on the dry before I got sucked into fishing for the giants..