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    I finally took my girlfriend on a fishing trip with me on Saturday afternoon. I didnt really know how she would like it so I didnt plan too long of a day. We decided to drive to Elkmont to hike a fish for a few hours. I started fishing around the first bridge you come to on Jakes Creek trail while she sat, patiently, while I worked my way up stream. For the first time since late summer, I didnt fish with a dropper. All 6 fish were brought to hand with a 16 yellow stimulator. I probably missed atleast a dozen more fish. Only saw a two other fishermen above Metcalf Bottoms.

    I think I am going to bring a pair of two way radios next time the girlfriend tags along, because I got nervous once I was upstream a hundred yards and couldnt see or hear her. She did manage a few pictures while I was fishing close to her.

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    Mmorgan- If she can stay by the stream while you fish then she is a keeper. Glad you could get a few fish to hand.
    Is that a price tag on your vest? =)

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    No, but thats funny. You reminded me that I need to try to find the old type of fly floatant holder that I lost last year. It was the coiled rubber kind that had a clip on one end and then a bottle cap on the other that held the small bottle of floatant like Gink makes. I lost it on a trip last year when I was bushwacking to get back on the trail. Last time I remembered to look at LRO they didnt have the kind that I lost. Anybody know where I can find one?

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