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    Default Abrams creek Temp revised april first

    According to my depthfinder temp gauge the water temp where Abrams enters into Chilhowee was 55.9 today at 11 am. I only had an hour and wanted to run my boat and ran up to check the temp. I didn't even take my flyrod or get out of the boat because I knew I would end up late. I did catch a bow about 11 inches long on a minnow that I saw feeding. Just thought someone might be wondering the temp at Abrams like I was.

    I went to the Camp ground this afternoon and when I checked the water temp is was a warm 63 degrees. I checked it several times and thought my temp gauge was wrong until I read the fishing report and saw the little river was 59.5. I never even saw a trout. There were smallmouth everywhere around the camp ground but I never even saw a fish when I hiked to Little Bottoms. Maybe it was just me. Anyways, there's a report.
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