Here are the rules:

1) You must submit one photo of your favorite, largest, best, catch every month. Multiple fish can be submitted.

2) You must include the date of the catch and fall within that designated month. For the deadline, you will have until the last day of the month by midnight.

3) You must include the type of tackle used. Spin fishermen are welcome. The up-daters of the thread will keep the tallies separated. Just make sure to tell us whether your fish was caught on spin gear or on the fly.

4) You must include the tributary or tail water where the fish was caught. Just give the name of the tributary and not your honey hole, no specifics are necessary.

5) You can include a report of how the fish was caught i.e.: techniques, fly used, etc. After all, this forum is about learning.

6) Species of fish does not matter. Any fish works.

Here's how the tally system will work. We will use the four participants from the month of February as an example.

ACinEastTN-1 month streak
mtnman2888-1 month streak
Plateau Angler-1 month streak
Fishermansfly-1 month streak

The challenge begins in March 2008. Here is an theoretical example of what the tally will look like in a year:

ACinEastTN-12 month streak
mtnman2888-11 month streak
Plateau Angler-11 month streak
Fishermansfly-9 month streak
ACinEastTN-1 month streak

After another entry from either mtnman or plateau that will put them ahead of AC and he will be removed from the leader of the challenge.

Even if you don't play along every month, feel free to post your picture! Try to remember to use all the posting points.

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