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Thread: Gees What a Day!

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    Cool Gees What a Day!

    Well, after much debate about the weather I decided to make the drive to Treemont today and those weather guys had it dead on every where but there. The sun was shinning and the water temps where perfect and middle prong looked great. I started the day out at the institute and fished my way up to the first bridge. Got started at about eleven and fished until five. There where only 2 other fishermen I saw all day which was nice as treemont usualy gets hammered this time of year. However, I guess I've still alot to learn because despite excellent conditions there just wasn't much happening up there today. Very few bugs on the water. I saw a couple of blue quills, red quills, and some black caddis with no fish rising, splashing, sipping, swimming, or anything else for that matter. I managed to catch 4 small rainbows one on a female variant para adams, one on a blue quill dry, and two on the caddis. I used dropper rigs all day with PT'.s, quil gordon wet, GRHE, and rubber leg copper john. No fish took any of the droppers The other two fishermen on the water stated they where having the same tough luck.
    Still, I had a wonderful day in the Smokies. That is until I attempted to driver over to Elkmont. As I was pulling out and turning around in a spot I've pulled out of a dozen times my new Civic managed to find a hole that the right front wheel would not leave. I guess my old gas guzzeling wrangler never noticed it before & I was dead stuck. Quite a few people stopped and offered to help and we attmepted to push the car out but it was going no where fast tried to dig undet the tire and put some rock under there but no help there either. Wound up catching ride with a nice gentelmen into Townsend and called a tow to come pull my little civic out of this little rut. Big ole Ford had no trouble and I think it pulled me out with out even having to get on the gas. I love the mileage of that little Honda but my ole pickup is going fishing from now on.

    Hope you guys had a better day.

    Get outdoors & have fun!

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    I left a lot of those little bows with sore mouths on Sunday, but it sounds like you should have done much better. I will say that the stretch from the small island above the Institute does not fish well for me. I typically get out and skip that stretch unless I'm being stubborn. Who knows? I'll try them again on Friday and see if they respond...

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