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    In keeping with the spirit of the day, I figured I should try to fool a few fish yesterday. I stopped by LRO to buy some new wading boots and say hi to Byron and Paula. While there I got to meet John Switow and Brian Griffing (nice meeting you guys!). It is always nice to put a face with names from the board... Anyway, after I got done at LRO, I headed up Little River intending to mainly hit spots that I knew had big browns in the vicinity. The first couple of spots didn't produce but then things started picking up when I stopped again. I caught a few small browns and missed a good one of 13-14 inches. I guess the joke was on me at that point.

    Later in the day I headed up above Elkmont and managed to catch several rainbows and another brown. The interesting thing about yesterday was that the fish weren't hitting my dries very well. At the first spot I started catching fish, they were taking my dry at first but the larger fish (that I missed) hit a weighted softhackle dropper. Nymphs proved much more effective with the best fly yesterday being a small bhpt (#16). There were fish rising but not in every pool. You had to pick your spots if you wanted to fish to actively rising fish...

    Late in the day, it started looking like there would be a good spinner fall on LR somewhere above Metcalf. Unfortunately, the weather wouldn't cooperate and I got chased off the water by lightning.

    As far as bugs, there were a few mayflies here and there including Quill Gordons, Blue Quills, and a couple stray Hendricksons... The stoneflies were hatching very well with the early brown stones being the predominate bug... At times they were flying off the water in waves...

    The biggest joke on me yesterday was just getting my reflexes back up to par for fishing the park. Thankfully it usually only takes 1 trip each spring so next time I'll hopefully miss fewer fish...

    A few pictures...

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