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Thread: TU's New Show

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    Default TU's New Show

    TU's new show, on the rise begins its first season on the Outdoor Channel this Friday, April 4 at 8 p.m.

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    I have heard some pretty positive first impressions on the show around the internet, let's hope that it's a good one.


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    This is the same show that did a piece on Wautauga and South Holston I believe. I saw a thread on here where someone met the host at a access area on the Watauga.

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    I met these guys as they were getting ready to float the trophy section of the watauga one morning. I can't remember the name of the gentlemen I talked to. They said they were gonna float the watauga and then move on to the Davidson the next day. I hope I can watch the show online, since I don't get the outdoor channel in the dorm. Bummer.

    Here's a picture of the camper they were travelling in. I thought it was pretty cool. There are markings for a cutthroat, brown, brookie, and bow along the sides.
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    Default Me too

    I sure hope it is online, too. I don't get the Outdoor channel with Charter, unless I want to drop another 20 bucks. And on top of existing cable and internet, no thanks.

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