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Thread: Byron, I know where your turkeys went...

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    Exclamation Byron, I know where your turkeys went...

    I've driven the same route to work every morning for the last 15 - 20 years. This morning, for the first time ever, I saw two hens strutting along the Springbrook Greenbelt trail!!

    For those of you who have absolutely no idea where that is, they were right at the intersection of Springbrook and Bessemer streets in the city of Alcoa!! That put them about 300 yards away from the entrance to Alcoa Elementary school, 300 yards from the City of Alcoa Engineering and Waste Management offices, and about 200 yards from an Alcoa Utilities electric substation...

    I just realized that would also put them about 1/4 mile from where the black bear was captured in Springbrook Park last summer....

    So, Byron, if you're still missing a few hens, you might want to dispatch someone to Alcoa to get these gals out of harm's way


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    Hi Gerry,

    What's with all of the wildlife moving to Alcoa? Night before last there was a black bear at the Midland Center McDonalds. Now wild turkeys at the Greenbelt. I'll see Mark Johnson the City Manager on Monday. I'm going to ask for a special hunting permit. I guess instead of camo you would wear a jogging outfit and make your shotgun look like a walking stick. But, Brett would probably haul me off to jail.


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    I've got some pictures of them turkeys somewhere, may have to find the file and post some. I run the greenway from Springbrook Park to "somewhere in Maryville" (4-12 miles) 4 days a week. They sometimes roost in the trees beside the train tressle between the 2.5 and 3 mile markers. Started seeing them about this time last year. I was as suprised as you are that they would show up there.

    Speaking of wearing a jogging outfit to hunt in... I also run the trails at a local WMA. Last summer I would often see a real nice 9 point buck while running. He would just stand there and stare as long as you were moving, but the second you stopped he was gone.
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