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Thread: Dealing with Rude People

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    Default Dealing with Rude People

    I didn't want to get too far off track on the "Mocking" thread.

    On that thread and others on this and other boards, I've seen numerous discussions about snobbery, rudeness, and arrogance in fly fishing.

    Personally, I haven't seen it, but where there's this smoke, there has to be some fire.

    I wanted to share a piece of advice my dad gave to me. My dad is a very smart man (and now that I'm 47, he's s whole lot smarter than when I was 21).

    One time he told me, " Jeff, there are jerks everywhere. You have to learn two things, first, how to spot one and second how to avoid one. You have to learn how to spot them first so you'll be able to avoid them".

    With this being a family friendly place, "jerk" was not the words he used but the message is the same.

    Perhaps that's why I haven't ran into so many of the "snobs". I have learned to be pretty good at spotting them and then avoiding them.


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    Default Rude vs not understanding

    I think the thread was more about folks who just don't get what we love. All the people I work with think I am very strange because I do not keep the fish, and for many other reasons. Their question is always, "What's the point?". I finally came to realize that you cannot explain it, you either love it or you don't.

    As far as rude vs snob vs jerk, I like Dave Berry's observation about driving.
    "A jerk is the guy driving behind you, and an idiot is the guy driving in front of you."
    To Miss Nancy - she hated fishing, but loved a fisherman.

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    Don't want to get too Dr. Phil here, but here's my two cents. (BTW I wanted to get my masters in psychology, but ended up getting it in education, so none of this will probably have any merit) I think it's a cultural thing. We both attempt to catch fish, but we go about it different. Maybe it would be like an F1 fan versus a NASCAR fan. They both like racing, but the similarity probably ends there. The demographics can be different although one could argue that a high level bass fisherman spends more than a FF guy. Another factor is we mock what we don't understand. I have a buddy, a good ole boy, who thinks I am crazy for chasing "minnow fish". I think he's crazy for wearing overalls when he plays golf, but we both like poker so we put up with each others differences. However, if I didn't know him and ran into him on abrams he would probably make fun of me. Just like if I saw him playing golf in overalls I would make fun of him. World takes all kinds, I'm kinda snobby and he's kinda country, but we respect each other and I know I can count him at any time. Life would be pretty boring if all our friends were just like us anyhow, which is probably another reason I value his friendship so much.


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    Thumbs up Hear, Hear Mr. Kevin!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin_Thomas View Post
    ... Maybe it would be like an F1 fan versus a NASCAR fan. They both like racing, but the similarity probably ends there. Kevin
    You hit the nail on the head...Big time F1 fan here, who was born and raised literally down the street from Bobby/Davey Allison's and Neal Bonnett's compounds in Heuytown, AL....can't stand all the left turns, and quite often find myself at odds with the "Family" who by their very nature are NASCAR Good ol' boys and would be pro Bass Hoggers wooooo weeeeee! I am often accused of bein a communist cause I like thoses fancy pants Euro boys, and like to stand in the river waving a stick.

    Imagine my vindication when:
    1.Juan Pablo Montoya started in Nascar
    2.Toyota started racing at 'Dega
    3.I caught a 6 pound largemouth on a deer hair frog from the stearn of my cousin's Bass boat with my 9' 8wt "sissy stick" which by the way I never put on the reel.

    We make point's where we can.
    Champagne and Caviar ~vs~ Beer and Pork Skins...guzzle the beer, munch the Pork Skins, fish with the eggs and Toast fishermen of all kinds!

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