I didn't want to get too far off track on the "Mocking" thread.

On that thread and others on this and other boards, I've seen numerous discussions about snobbery, rudeness, and arrogance in fly fishing.

Personally, I haven't seen it, but where there's this smoke, there has to be some fire.

I wanted to share a piece of advice my dad gave to me. My dad is a very smart man (and now that I'm 47, he's s whole lot smarter than when I was 21).

One time he told me, " Jeff, there are jerks everywhere. You have to learn two things, first, how to spot one and second how to avoid one. You have to learn how to spot them first so you'll be able to avoid them".

With this being a family friendly place, "jerk" was not the words he used but the message is the same.

Perhaps that's why I haven't ran into so many of the "snobs". I have learned to be pretty good at spotting them and then avoiding them.