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Thread: Cool fly fishing art

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    Default Cool fly fishing art

    Hey ya'll...check out this interesting blog that I came across yesterday.

    This is not a photography website, but I thought this section was the best place to post this thread. This guy is a very talented artist and has set out to draw, paint etc one fly every day for a year. Very cool stuff. Thought you might enjoy!

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    Neat stuff, flygirl. Thanks for sharing.
    Charlie B

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    Thumbs up Nice Catch FlyGrl

    That level of artstic vision and execution just makes me sick

    Envy is a terrible thing....
    Bad Plunker! Baaad Plunker that site will be a regular stop for me...can't wait until he gets a store up and running

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    That's an awesome website...nice find...

    "Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."

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