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Thread: FF Tournaments in the Park?

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    Default Gatlinburg Tourney?

    I was talking to a guy that asked me if I was fishing in the tournament in Gatlinburg the 5th and 6th of this month. I hadn't heard of it. He said they stock so-many thousand trout and have a two day tournament with limit weigh ins and all. Some fish get "tagged" with certain prizes. I was out of town this weekend, did it happen?

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    I was walking around the Fly Fishing Show East a month or so ago and this young gal at the NC wildlife resource booth asked if I fly fished...I almost said duhhhhh, it's a fly fishing show. But, i said yes and she asked if I'd ever consider being in a FF competition (I knew where she was going since it was just prior to the Davidson/Pisgah thing).

    I said, YES, it's me vs. that dang finicky trout everytime I go out!

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