Sorry, I missed the post about Port St. Joe. It is a beautiful place. The water is usually clear. You can wade out from the State Park at Cape San Blas. From now on I'm going to use a Kayak. You can rent them there. My buddy Jack had a 9' bull shark swim within a rod length from him just outside the marina at the Park. He was wading in water above his waist. You could paddle to shallow spots then get out to wade to avoid the big sharks. When you wade always shuffle your feet. There are a lot of rays there. If you step on one you will wish you hadn't. If you shuffle they swim away before you get to them.

I like the Port Inn. They have a good website. You can walk to great restaurants and it isn't a long drive around to the cape. I don't personally know any guides there. I know two in Destin which is not far away.