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    So I finally bought some of these flies from Hugh. Man those things look fishy, they almost make me hungry. I don't want to give away any secrets or anything, but the way he ties on the soft hackle is something I haven't seen and really has a great effect. I tied one on and pulled it through an aquarium. That spiral hackly really comes to life. It creates so much more movement then a typical partridge hackle on most soft hackles. In a nice spring creek, or a tailwater, I suspect the more subtile movement of the partridge is plenty, but in a freestone, I can see what difference just that one feature probably makes.

    I am now excitted to tie up some of my favorite soft hackles with the same hackle and see how it goes.

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    Those things aren't very good, you might as well just not worry about using them............ That "fishy" look that you speak of actually repels them away so i wouldn't bother letting the fish get a good look at this fly.

    I recommend that you let some other poor old sap buy up all of hugh's smbshs!


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