Just realized yesterday that the first weekend in May is going to be here in a couple of weeks. As such, I need to get a plan in place. Cabin is secured, one buddy is in, another is still on the fence. Okay, time to make a plan of attack. We are staying in Townsend (BTW....if any of you see a fire at cabin number 7 at Little River Campgrounds....that's the one right on the bank of the Little....May 1 - 3, that's me and my buds. Stop in and say hey). So, I'm sure we hit some pools on the Little Thursday. Abram's on Friday (before the crowds). Now, here is the thing: I was giving some thought to trying a NC stream on Saturday. Any recommendations? I obviously would prefer one that is fairly easy to get to, or at least as easy as it can be from Townsend. I've never fished the NC side so I am curious. I've heard there are better fish, but there are always better fish where you aren't. Of course, with gas where it is I may not be able to afford to drive over to NC . On a side note, that is playing a major factor in trip plans this year. Never thought I'd see the day. Anyway, if someone could chime in on the merits of driving over to NC I would really appreciate it.

Hopefully I can get some pics of the trip and post. I still am not clear on how everyone does that.