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    I visited SlickRock yesterday. What a beautiful day. When I entered the creek by boat there were blue wings hatching off and trout were feeding. I have found these fish hard to catch so I just watched as I suited up. I hadn't made it up the trail 20 yards when I looked into the first run and there were black torpedos everywhere. I switch to a 16 BHPT and ease in above the run and send it down. On the second drift a beautiful 18 inch bow ripped line from my little 3wt like it was nothing. After 5 or 6 good minutes of finger busting runs I got him into the net. (my home computer is down so I will show pictures later) There was a huge March Brown hatch so I switched over and caught an untold number or 5 inch bows. Once I made it past the falls I managed 3 browns in the 7-8 inch range. I fished up to Yellow Hammer Gap trail before turning back. I got back to the boat and desided since they were flooding out the Little Santelee I would see what was feeding. I broke out the 5 wt and a wooly booger and caught 3 bows in the 10-11 inch range and a nice smallie before dark finally ended an awesome day. March Browns were hatching off there as well and the Barn Swallows were snatching them out of the air faster than they could come off. I saw a brown launch 2 feet in the air when he took it off the water. It was incrediable.

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    Default Slick Rock

    What a beautiful area. I have backpacked there multiple times and fished it once but skunked. Glad to know there are some real trout in there!

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    Great report about Slickrock, I bet I haven't fished it in 10 years either. Must have been a lake run fish still up there! 18" on a three weight, bet that was some fight. Bet that was a fairly thick fish as well.
    Do you mean you fished the Cheoah river? It was rolling Sunday, where did you fish ? I hear it is full if smallies, have never fished it above Tapaco.
    Thanks for the post,

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