My girlfriends parents were camping in Roan Mountain State Park this past weekend and I took the oppurtunity to explore some new water. I haven't heard very much about fishing this area, but I knew it had some trout in it. Wild bows and browns is what I've heard about this water, and brookies in the some of the tribs and higher streams around the mountain. First, let me say that Roan Mountain is an absolutely beautiful area. The rivers are gorgeous, the overlooks are amazing, and the meadows and balds offer some of the best views I've ever seen. I definately recommend spending some time exploring this mountain, even if you're not fishing. Overnight camping in the backcountry is not allowed unfortunately, but there are quite a few tent sites to stay at in the park. I only fished for about thirty minutes, and only explored a small section of the doe river just about the first campground in the park along the tom gray hiking trail and also some water parallel to the campground. I fished an adams and an original copper john. I caught my first fish, a bow on the copper john, then a brownie out of the same hole on the adams. Later on, I caught one more bow on the adams after taking off the copper john. Well, actually after leaving the copper john in a tree, but thats what you get fishing these mountain streams. I was impressed by the number of fish in this river. I spooked quite a few more after getting hung up in a nice looking hole. I'm planning on hitting this river once more before having to head back home for the summer.