Fishing the horseshoe

A buddy and I are fishing the Smokies this weekend. One thing we are considering doing is fishing the horseshoe and the little horse shoe, and I had a couple of questions. I did a fair bit of searching on the forum, and couldn’t find much on these questions. Any help would be appreciated.

1) What time does the gate open into Cades Cove? We are thinking we want to get there early and hike back a little before we start fishing. Since I hear it is going to take all day, I would rather get a quick start and skip ahead a third of the way.

2) How can I tell where to get out? Is the best thing to pre-scout the exit?

3) Can you see the entrance and exit to the horseshoe from the trail?

4) Is there a trail that follows the river, or do you pretty much just wade the river the whole way?

Again, thanks for any help you can provide.